Our Mattresses

Our trusted Bed Rumours brand brings you the best range in mattresses at
a great price. We stock a range of options with varying levels of sizes,
materials and prices to suit your needs. We try to make commerce solutions as
easy as possible, but when the products are as good as ours, some choices need
to be made; check out our product range below:

  • Excelsior FZ17

    The Excelsior mattress provides outstanding comfort using a multi zoned approach for responsive feedback and coresupport for an exceptional sleep.

  • Seasons FZ18

    The Seasons mattress has been mindfully
    constructed to provide continuous support
    through the night with memory foam and
    latex for additional cushioning.

  • Empire FZ14

    The Empire is a luxury option specially engineered with the latest technology to deliver ultimate comfort and aid in posturepedic health benefits.

  • Crown Plaza FZ11

    The Crown Plaza features a multi-zoned
    system and latex pillow top for superior
    cushioning, comfort, and support through the

  • Crete FZ7

    The Crete uses trusted materials to deliver a comfortable sleeping experience with core support and spinal alignment for orthopedic

  • Santorini FZ6

    Pair text with an image to focus on The Santorini is a premium option with excellent cushioning and memory foam that aids in alleviating pressure for a restful sleep.

  • Mykonos FZ5

    The Mykonos combines modern technology with superior comfort to deliver a responsive mattress for a supportive and uninterrupted

  • Skorpios FZ4

    The Skorpios features a breathable design with additional temperature control and core support for a better sleep all around.

  • Andros FZ3

    The Andros delivers a soothing sleep experience through traditionally trusted materials and time-tested technology for
    instant comfort and cushioning.

  • Atlantic FZ2

    The Atlantic features an innovative design with comfort layers for spinal support and posturepedic benefits that will provide a more restful sleep.

  • Rhodes FZ1

    The Rhodes delivers a traditional innersprung design that focuses on providing you great support using an orthopedic-approved spring system.

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