The Perfect Kids Room


Do your little ones need room to start exploring the world? Or maybe your kids are growing up and need their rooms to be more than just somewhere to sleep? Whatever ages your kids are, there are some tried and tested things you can do to get the most out of the space and keep everyone happy!

Maximize space

Does the room need to fit one or two people? Or maybe your child is at an age where friends will be coming over to stay? Whatever the reasons, having some extra space for sleepovers is always a good idea! For a more permanent option, bunk beds offer a great solution without losing floor space and many of them now come with extra storage like drawers, cupboards, even desks built in!Trundle beds are fantastic for occasional visitors. Pull them out for extra sleep options and then tuck them back when everyone’s gone home! Both options are fab for a variety of age groups!  

Create a study area

Nowadays most children do a fair amount of studying at home. So to keep them interested and entertained, provide them with a space that will encourage learning in a fun and interactive way. You can invest in a desk and chair for a dedicated space, or if you’re a bit squeezed for room, simply erect a shelf in a nook and add a chair underneath.Why not put a cork noticeboard on the wall for colourful notes and inspirational quotes.Don’t forget storage for books, somewhere to pop pens and paper and most importantly, adequate lighting for those special little eyes! studyarea-bedrumours 

Create a Hideaway

Kids like nothing more than a secret space they can show off to their friends! Hang a curtain across a bunk for a cozy den! Or simply add some bean bags to the corner of the room for a play area.Great for little ones to read and play with toys, or for older kids to play games with friends! hideaway-bedrumours 

Keep it colourful

Kids like colour. And not necessarily pink and blue! Be dramatic and try some different ideas. Bold stripes of colour avoid having to paint an entire room, or stick to neutral walls and add vibrant pops of colour through cushions, curtains, and bedding. Monochrome makes a big impact. As do patterns.Or why not try this season's latest trend and pick out a cool wallpaper! Easy to change as they grow. bedroom-bedrumours 

Hidden Storage

We all need more storage and no one more than kids! Open shelves rely on being kept tidy, so if you need somewhere to hide a few things, think drawers under beds, storage boxes on shelves and above cupboards and chests for all those toys to be popped away when playtime is over!Lots of furniture comes with extra storage nowadays so keep an eye out and see what you can find!