Make Your Bed Feel Like a 5 Star Hotel Bed

Why do we love staying in hotels? One of the reasons we all love a night away is that feeling of falling into a fresh, crisp hotel bed, enjoying the grandeur of the occasion and revelling in the luxury of the occasion!Crisp white sheets, fluffy pillows, the scent of freshly washed linen. What’s not to love? But what if you could create your very own hotel bed at home?Try our top tips below and make every night in your bedroom a 5 star experience!

Stick to white linen

There’s a reason hotels, motels and top apartments stick to neutral colour schemes. Because they help keep the look of a room clean, simple and ultimately relaxing.Keep your bedroom looking fresh by investing in some white bedding. If you still fancy a pop of colour, keep this to cushions, throws or vases.

Invest in the best mattress you can afford

Hotels usually invest in good quality mattresses in order to guarantee their guests get a good night’s sleep. So do the same for yourself!There are some fantastic mattresses on the market at the moment, and most won’t break the bank.

Top quality pillows mean a top night's sleep

Don’t forget the importance of your pillow. Whether you’re a side sleeper, front sleeper or back sleeper, there’s a pillow for you.From memory foam to gel infused there’s a huge range out there to choose from.Don’t be shy about trying them for size. Maybe while you’re choosing your new mattress!

Dress for the occasion

Hotel beds often take our breath away. This is down to those finishing touches that tell our brains we’re somewhere special and not in our usual environment.But achieving a similar look at home can be easy with just a few additions to your room. Pick up some cushions to add to your pillow display.Match the colours to other key items in your room. A favourite panting? A vase? Your rug? Most hotel beds also have some sort of throw or comforter, again try to make sure this aligns with cushion and decor choices in the rest of the room.

Keep things ship shape!

No, we don’t all have access to a team of housekeepers who can change our sheets each day! But with a small routine in place, your bedroom can look clean and tidy, ready for you to hop in again at night time.Always make the bed. Straighten out flat or fitted sheets and arrange the duvet neatly on top. Fluff up your pillows and place your chosen cushions carefully around them.Add your cover and throw and you’re good to go. Ten minutes in the morning means a delightful space to end up in at the end of your day!So there you have it. Some top tips to create a hotel ready bed, perfect to sleep in, relax on and guaranteed to have you feeling 5 Star in no time!