Bedroom plants for better sleep

If you’ve got your bedroom routine all sorted but are still struggling to sleep, your bedroom could be missing a vital ingredient. Some plants! As well as helping to maintain indoor humidity levels, produce oxygen, and naturally filter air pollutants, plants can also enhance your mood, improve your creativity, reduce stress levels and bring a tranquil serenity to your bed time-space. But before you head out to buy, take a look at our top five choices for house plants to help you sleep!

Snake Plant

              If you’re worried about having no green fingers, then the snake plant could be perfect for you! They require very little maintenance and yet bring numerous benefits! They are one of the only houseplants to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night; instead of the day like most plants, meaning the air quality on your bedroom will increase and this will lead to a much better sleep!


              The fern thrives in a humid environment, so if you have an ensuite, pop this plant between your bedroom and the bathroom and watch it thrive. It has been shown to have a huge effect on indoor air pollutants so you’ll drift off in no time thanks to one of these versatile plants.

Spider Plant

              The spider plant is one of the most resilient plants around, so if you’re not a keen gardener, this is a great choice to introduce at home. Another plant great for filtering the air and helping you sleep more fitfully, this fab plant produces plenty of smaller plants, so you can easily re plant and spread around the house.

Aloe Vera

              Working in much the same way as the snake plant, this wonder requires very little attention, doesn’t require frequent watering but emits oxygen at night, helping you drift off and sleep well. Just remember to pop this one on a window sill as it loves its sunlight!


              There’s a reason lavender features so heavily in bath products and anything designed to alleviate stress or anxiety. Known for its ability to sooth us to sleep with its restful scent, why not go straight to the source and introduce this wonderful plant right into your bedroom. So there you have it. Five wonderful plants guaranteed to bring a sense of calm, rest and relaxation to your bedroom. Good sleeps everyone!